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Looking for that unique hand-crafted or home-made item? Here are some of the items we have that are made locally. You will not find these items in a department store. Some of the items here are one-of-a-kind, and cannot be ordered in quantities. Enjoy browsing this interesting selection.
name-train Magnetic Name Train Cars
Help your child learn letters and colors while having fun! Every child loves to see his name spelled out in these wooden train car letters. Hand made locally here in Ohio, they are safe as well as fun. All the letters of the alphabet are availble in red, green, blue and yellow. Complete the set with the engine, coal car, and caboose, which come in the colors shown.
Choose cars and colors needed.


toy-backhoe-web.jpg Toy Backhoe
This handmade toy digger/backhoe is something every child loves to play on. The seat swivels and the controls are fully functional, allowing the child to develop eye-hand coordination as he raises, lowers, extends, and swivels the bucket, and actually picks up the item he is reaching for. The digger is 26" high, extends to 56" long, and the wood is unfinished.

potholder yoyo potholder
This handmade decorative potholder is 5 inches square. There are 25 "yoyo's" appliqued on a white padded square, in a variety of colors. While each one is different, they blend together well as sets. This is a "one of a kind" item, and cannot be found in department stores.