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We have a large selection of books at Mary Yoder's. Whether you are looking for information about the Amish lifestyle, or good Amish recipes, you can find it here. On this page are a few examples of the many books we have available.
bornamishbook.jpg Born Amish
$9.99 $4.99 On Sale!
Written by Barbara Yoder Hall, Born Amish is the account of growing up in an Old Order Amish home. One of ten children, Barbara relives for us her experiences through school, friendships, weddings, funerals, church, new babies, and the family's move into the Mennonite community.

myakcookbook.jpg Mary Yoder's Amish Cookbook
Mary Yoder's Amish Cookbook, originally published in 1991, is a collection of favorites from our Kitchen and from our staff. Recipes include everything from Applebutter Muffins to Veal Cordon Blue, along with favorites such as Amish Wedding Cake, and even a recipe from the owner, "Larry's Favorite Chicken". On the cover, Mary Yoder is displaying some of her delicious bakery in her own kitchen.

favoriterecipesbook.jpg Favorite Recipes from Quilters
This cookbook is compiled by Louise Stoltzfus,and offers more than 900 recipes in 14 categories. In her introduction Louise writes, "Quilters find community in common goals and activities. We talk of needles and thread, fabric and stitches and bedcovers and pieces of art. Many of us are also homemakers. Some of us treat cooking and quilting both as high art forms. Some of us work hard to prepare varied and healthful meals for our families. Others experience ongoing disasters because we become engrossed in quilting and forget the carrots or potatoes or beans." This collection of recipes includes submissions from California to New York, from Honolulu to Florida, in categories from appetizers to desserts and candies, from bread or breakfast food to main dishes, vegetable dishes and pies.

WeirdOhio Weird Ohio
Weird Ohio, Your Travel Guide to Ohio's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets, is written by James A Willis, Andrew Henderson, and Loren Coleman, and published by Sterling Publishers. This is one of the favorite books our guests enjoy, and when you read the flyleaf, it's easy to see why. "Ah, Ohio, so nice and normal. We have apple-pie heroes like Hopalong Cassidy, Neil Armstrong, Thomas Edison, and Doris Day. . . We started America rolling by opening the first gas station, and we have a museum dedicated to America's music, rock and roll. But there's something else we have a whole lot of, and that's . . . weirdness. Yes, the Buckeye state has lots and lots of strange people and unusual sites, and they burst forth from every page of this, the biggest, most bizarre collection of Ohio stories ever assembled: Weird Ohio." Once you start to read, you won't want to put it down.

eternityhearts.jpg Eternity in Our Hearts
$15.00 $5.00 On Sale!
Subtitled "Essays on the Good Life", this book is a compilation of 12 essays in which R.C.Sproul Jr. shares a vision of a life lived in a simple, separate, and deliberate manner, to the glory of God and for the building of His kingdom. The vision is inspiring, it is practical, and it will inform and challenge your thinking. On sale now, only $5.00 with any other purchase from Mary Yoder's online store.

Amishwaycookbook The Amish Way Cookbook
The Amish Way Cookbook is compiled by Adrienne Lund, and published by Jupiter Press. It contains over 200 pages of Amish recipes and home remedies. Experience the timeless goodness of Amish cooking with simple-to-follow recipes from Amish kitchens. Basic ingredients make it easy and enjoyable to treat your family to delicious Amish cooking in your own home. The simple and delicious recipes found in the pages of The Amish Way cookbook make it a treasured addition to any collection.

canningtheAmishway Canning the Amish Way
Compiled by Adrienne Lund, and published by Jupiter Press, Canning the Amish Way is excellent for people who have never canned their own food but want to start. It begins by explaining the different equipment used and the various methods, such as open kettle, hot packing, cold packing, and using a pressure canner. Amish poems are interspersed between the recipes for canning jams, juices, fruits, relishes, pickles, sauces, and soups. Home remedies are included both for people and for animals, and the book even includes some tips for around the house. This is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to save money and live healthier.

cookingwiththehorsebuggy Cooking With the Horse & Buggy People
Cooking With the Horse & Buggy People is a collection of over 600 favorite recipes of Amish families throughout Ohio's Holmes and Wayne counties. From mouth watering Amish style main dishes to kitchen dream desserts, this book will help you prepare it all. If the Amish way of cooking satisfies your taste palette, Cooking With the Horse & Buggy People is for you.

EastWestcookbook East West Cooking
East West Cooking, by Austin and Marita Miller, is "what happens when a Mennonite cook rubs shoulders with folks from around the globe!" Recipes from many different cultures and countries are listed, including Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, and more, as well as many old fashioned Mennonite recipes.

ourmansiononanglinroad Our Mansion on Anglin' Road
For seven-year-old Carl, moving to a run-down farmhouse with no running water and no electricity seems like quite a challenge. How will he, his mom and dad, and seven siblings survive in such a dilapidated old house? Carl's oldest brother, Glen, has muscular distrophy and is confined to a wheelchair. Will the cold Ohio weather and deep snows draw the remaining strength from Glen's weak body?

In this fascinating book Arthur Dale Likens weaves the story of a young boy's deep love for his crippled brother with an unusual attraction to a run-down house he now calls his mansion.