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Mary Yoder's gift certificates are a thoughtful way to celebrate those special occasions in the lives of friends and loved ones. They can be mailed directly to the recipient, or to the purchaser to be included in a card or gift. Our gift certificates have no expiration date, and are good in the dining room, bakery, and gift shop. Change is given in gift certificate form to be used at the convenience of our guest. Because our gift certificates are not cards, they function as cash, and no service charge is ever made for holding them over a given length of time, as is done with bank gift cards. Because they function as cash and not credit, they are not replaceable if lost, and cannot be used online.

Gift certificates are available in $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $25.00 and $50.00 denominations, and can be purchased in any combination of those amounts.

We have just added the ability to purchase gift cards as well as gift certificates. Please specify in the order options space if you would prefer a gift certificate or a gift card.

$5.00 Gift Certificate

$10.00 Gift Certificate

$20.00 Gift Certificate

$25.00 Gift Certificate

$50 00 Gift Certificate